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Boules frites à l'agneau et pommes de terre

Fried Lamb and Potato Balls

Ingredients 1 lb. ground lamb 2 ½ cups cold mashed potatoes 1 medium onion, finely ch...
Brochettes agneau et panais

Lamb & Parsnip Brochettes

Ingredients 1 lb parsnips, peeled and cut into 3 cm cubes 1 lb. lamb, cut into 3 cm c...
Tartare d’agneau, canneberge et endives

Cranberry & Endive Tartar

Ingredients ¼ cup dried cranberries 2 tablespoons of red vermouth 200 g lamb inside r...
Saucisses bière et érable en croûte

Beer & Maple Sausages in Crust

Ingredients 1 package of beer and maple sausages from La Bêlerie 1 box of frozen puff...
Hot-Dog à la Merguez

Merguez Hot Dog

Ingredients 1 package of merguez sausages from La Bêlerie 8 hot dog buns Bell Pepper Sauce 2 red ...
Choripan (sandwich argentin au chorizo)

Choripan (sandwich argentin au chorizo)

Choripan (sandwich argentin au chorizo)     Ingrédients :  1 paquet de saucisses chorizo de la Bê...
Banh Mi à l'agneau

Lamb Banh Mi (4)

Ingredients: 2 leg of lamb steaks from La Bêlerie 4 French submarine style buns Mayonnaise Fresh...
Curry à l’agneau et aux pommes de terre

Lamb and Potato Curry

Curry à l’agneau et aux pommes de terre
Tajine d’agneau aux dattes

Date and Lamb Tajine

Tajine d’agneau aux dattes
Agneau Bourguignon

Lamb Bourguignon

Agneau Bourguignon
Moussaka sur le barbecue

Moussaka on the BBQ

Moussaka on the BBQ

Salade de confit d'agneau

Lamb Confit Summer Salad

A summer salad to share with family or friends in hot weather when you want to eat a fresh, light, but hearty and tasty meal!

Risotto à l’agneau confit et aux chanterelles

Risotto with confit lamb and chanterelles

A comforting dish, in which the lamb confit is highlighted while being supported by the richness of chanterelles. Easy to cook, it's the perfect dish to wow your guests!

Tartare d’agneau

Lamb tartare

Simply divine La Bêlerie style tartare.

Jarrets d’agneau au balsamique

Lamb shanks with balsamic vinegar

Serve on a bed of your favorite side dish, these shanks will be fantastic with fresh pasta or root vegetable puree!